Day 5 – Week 1

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A nice end to week 1 – as we are starting to have finds pop up in all of the areas. In A1 – it is becoming clear that Jane, Terry, and team are digging the same 10th century destruction from Area B2. In B2 – massive balks are coming down and the whole area is progressing inside and outside the fortification wall. It looks promising that we will reach the inside of the fortification wall this season. In D and B3 – Marcella and Debi have very large (and very strangely constructed!) Late Bronze buildings with a few possible complete vessels starting to appear in D. In G – we have reached some surface remains that we will continue to expose next week. As this is directly outside of the gate area – it will be interesting to see the relationship of these surfaces to the gate.

Great progress this week with lots of potential remaining for the weeks to come!

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