Halfway Point – 2022 Season

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We continue to make great progress in all of the areas with more and more finds emerging. One nice new (sort of bittersweet!) development – we have started to refill excavated squares in A2 – as we are now thinking of the end of the Tel Burna Archaeological Project (at least one more season…)

In Area A1, Jane and Terry seem to now be beneath the Early Iron IIA layer – perhaps getting down to a Late Bronze layer, although it is still unclear. In Areas B3 and D – with massive architecture from the Late Bronze that is built directly on the bedrock and lots of smashed vessels. We now can say that the Late Bronze town (as made evident from the finds in Area D) is even bigger than we had known previously.

In Area B2 – we are reaching the Shishak/10th century BCE destruction in another square after removing an enormous balk. Once excavated, we will have a nice area exposed to understand the broader context of this building and the finds within it. In addition, work continues in layers from the 9th, 8th, and 7th centuries BCE through this sondage/section. In Area G – it seems that we have evidence of two Iron IIA destructions – one Early Iron IIA (Shishak) and another in the Late Iron IIA (Hazael?) – although we will have to wait and see for sure on the Early Iron IIA as we are just now getting down to the surface. We might also have some evidence of the Iron IIB destruction of the site (Sennacherib), as Jerry, Andrew, and Preston have nicely articulated several burnt mudbricks that seem to have fallen from the fortification wall of the gate. At the end of last week, Yoav Vaknin visited the site to test some of these mudbricks with paleomagnetism – he will then compare the magnetic reading to other destruction layers in his research.

All told – we have had a great first half of the season and we look forward to the second half knowing that we will have many new finds, many answers, more questions, and hopefully make lots of friends and memories 🙂

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