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Happy new year and congratulations to Chris!

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First of all, we here at Tel Burna would like to wish all of our friends a very happy New year! May 2016 be a very productive and exciting time for all of bus and May we have another great archaeological year at Burna!

But wait! Big news, Chris Mckinny’s book has appeared! The book, titled “My People as your people: A textual and archaeological analysis of the reign of Jehoshaphat”, is based on his ma thesis. Way to go Chris!!!! May this be the first of many.




Great News! Another Very Generous Donation from the Weisselberg Family

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As always, Edward and Myrna Weisselberg continue to show their support for the Tel Burna project, providing us with a very generous donation, which will continue to allow us to work both int he field and in the lab, conduction research that is continuously shedding more light on the past history of Tel Burna and its surrounding region.

In addition, more good news arrived int he mail, with our first volunteer forms – remember – the earlier you get your forms in the better 🙂

No Need for Words!

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Ariel University Opens up Summer Course at Tel Burna

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For all of you students at Ariel University – enjoy this summer digging at Tel Burna – and get credit for it!!! Ariel University has opened up a two week course at the dig – see links below. make sure to sign up before May 22nd!

Final Day of Spring Season – Looking Towards the Summer

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Today was our last day in the filed until June, when we will kick off our Summer season of 4 weeks! Today we worked with the ICB students up in Area A, continuing the three new squares we began work in. Thanks to them and the Master’s College students who joined us Sunday and Monday, plus Jeremy, Sandy and Ofer – this spring we managed to do have some real progress towards helping our goals of expanding the Iron Age II and Late Bronze Age exposures. This will make our summer even more prosperous – make sure to SIGN UP NOW FOR THE SUMMER EXPERIENCE!!!

Here are some shots from our last day of work.

DSCF9343 DSCF9344 DSCF9348 DSCF9353 DSCF9354 DSCF9357 DSCF9359


Day 2 – Spring 2014

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Today we went into working in Seven new Squares!!!!

The ICB team broke topsoil in three squares in Area A, while Ofer and Sadn – two of our core team of volunteers that come back every year for more – continued to work in one of our existing squares, discovering what seems to be remains of a destruction on an Iron Age surface, with much burnt material and even discovered most of the pieces of an Iron Age Lamp!

The team from the Master’s College worked in Area B, opening 4 squares and discovering more walls of the Late Bronze Age structures there, picking up along the way many nice pottery sherds, including a piece of an imported Cypriot Basering Bowl and a sherd of an imported Mycenean Jug! here are some pics of the group enjoying themselves – thanks for all your hard work! Tomorrow is our last of the spring season – can’t wait for the summer!

DSC06500 DSC06507 DSC06512 DSC06549 DSC06551 DSC06564 DSC06586 DSC06594 DSC06597 DSC06598 DSC06611 DSC06614 DSC06626 DSC06635 DSC06643 DSC06654 DSC06684 DSC06692

Day 1 of 2014 Season kicks off

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Today was day 1 of the 2014 season, with three days of spring work starting today. As always Day 1 is a lot of logistics, but the great teams we had from Israel Bible College (headed by Sheila Gyllenberg) and the Master’s college (headed by Chris McKinny) got off to a fabulous start.

The Master’s College 2014 Team
IBC 2014 Team
IBC 2014 Team

We moved all of Ron Tappy’s equipment into our new container at Kibbutz Galon (thanks Ron – longtime excavator of our sister site Tel Zayit – and good luck with publication!), and then headed up to the tell, which was covered in green and yellow. unfortunately the green and yellow need to be removed in and around the squares, but people seemed to make excellent use of these colors!


"if you're going to Tel Burna, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair"
“if you’re going to Tel Burna, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair”

We cleared the squares and marked them with the help of J, and got all set to sink our teeth into the ground tomorrow morning. keep your fingers crossed ! here are some more pics:

DSC06376 DSC06382 DSC06394 DSC06400 DSC06420 DSC06428 DSC06429 DSC06432 DSC06438 DSC06444 DSC06458

A very Exciting End to a Very Exciting Year

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Over the past few days, a couple of important things happened to us at the Tel Burna Project, closing out 2013 in a big way.

First of all, Ed and Myrna Weisselberg continued to support the project with a generous donation of $10,000!!!!! Thank you both so much for this wonderful donation, which will go very far in advancing the project! 

In addition, our entry about Burna has now appeared in Archaeology Abroad Email Update No 24 – December 2013 (see link below), which will hopefully bring along some interesting people trying to find an interest in archaeology!

With that, we wish everyone a Happy New Year, with lots of happiness and great finds!

AAEU No 24 – December 2013

Lecture on Burna this Sunday

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On Sunday, Itzick will be giving a lecture at the 16th annual World Congress of Jewish Studies, being held in Jerusalem. the lecture, “The Late Bronze and Iron Age Remains at Tel Burna”, will be given in a session focusing on the Judean Shephelah. Here is a link and the abstract!

“The late Bronze and Iron Age Remains at Tel Burna – The excavations at Tel Burna revealed a sequence of Iron Age levels, including portions of domestic structures and the summit’s fortifications. In addition a Late Bronze Age IIB building, where several cultic finds have been found. This lecture will focus on the finds from the excavations, and what they teach us about the site’s history. Further considerations on the importance of the site on a regional level and as a border town will be reflected on, in association with the excavation results”

Good luck Itzick!


Two news reports on Tel Burna

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Two News reports on this past season have just been published on the excavations at Tel Burna – one on Fox News, the other in the Jerusalem Post – see links below!