Hot off the press! New article in NEA

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Some good news in these dark days… We just received word that our paper “Tel Burna after a Decade of Work The Late Bronze and Iron Ages” has been published in the current issue of Near Eastern Archaeology. You can check out the current issue here and the first and last page here. This article provides an overview of the project to date.

The last decade has been fun and productive! The full bibliographic details are below and check out the nice collage of bios with accompanying photos of the authors involved in this paper.

McKinny, Chris, Aharon Tavger, Deborah Cassuto, Casey Sharp, Matthew J. Suriano, Steven M. Ortiz, and Itzhaq Shai. 2020. β€œTel Burna after a Decade of Work: The Late Bronze and Iron Ages.” Near Eastern Archaeology 83 (1): 4–15.

Itzick presenting at the 16th Conference of Environmental Archeology in Prague

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Next week – Itzick will be delivering a paper entitled “Economic life of an Iron Age Judahite Town: A View from Tel Burna” at the the 16th Conference of Environmental Archeology (Tuesday, January 28th, 10:30) at the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague. If you are in the neighborhood – come check it out!

Jane Presentation at BANEA

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This last weekend, Jane gave a presentation (co-authored with myself and Itzick) at the annual meeting of BANEA (the British Association of Near Eastern Archaeology) on the different digital methods we used in recording the excavations. Here is a link to the schedule. Way to go Jane!

Full title:

Gaastra, Jane, McKinny, Chris, Shai, Itzhaq; 2020: The death of paper recoding? Implications of advances in digital documentation systems in archaeological excavation. BANEA


Digital documentation and excavation recording technologies have seen gradual incorporation into archaeological research since the new millennium. Over the last ten years of excavation at Tel Burna
(Israel), the incorporation of new techniques and technologies has streamlined the excavation recording and finds documentation process. In the absence of spare funds for more common items of digital site recording equipment (e.g. laser scanning or total station) the excavation team has
integrated the widely available software packages Agisoft Metashape and PlanGrid into field documentation. With a few simple tweaks this has created a low-cost and high-precision integrated documentation system which has allowed the excavation process to become fully paperless. In the
light of our experience with the incorporation of digital methods into the excavation and recording process at Tel Burna, alongside those of other excavations across the Near East, we review the pros and cons of paperless excavation methods and the need (or lack thereof) for hard-copy documentation in the excavation process.

The Nahal Guvrin Runs Again!

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Here is a nice sight for all of those dry, dusty summer excavation days in June and July – water running through Nahal Guvrin! (Photos courtesy of Oren Ackermann)

Tel Burna from north with rain water running through Nahal Guvrin
Nahal Guvrin with running water
Tel Zayit with running water

Dig Scholarships Available – ASOR and BAS

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If you are looking for funding to excavate this summer – ASOR and BAS (dig listing here) have recently posted links to excavation fellowships and scholarships. Over the years, we have had a number of folks receive funding from these sources. Why not you?!?

Registration for the dig is here. Come help us find more of the Canaanite and Judahite city of Libnah!

New Article in Qadmoniyot!

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We are pleased to announce the publication of an article in Qadmoniyot! This article presents an overview of the past ten years of research at Tel Burna (in Hebrew). Way to go team! Below is the first page. The bibliographic details are as follows:

Shai, I., Tavger, A., Suriano, M., Cassuto, D., Locatell, C., McKinny, C. 2019. Ten Years of Research at Tel Burna: A Canaanite Cultic Center and Judahite Border Settlement. Qadmoniyot 158: 83-91.

We would also like to remind you – that the registration for next season is open – we would love for you to join us this summer. We think that the next ten years (maybe not all of them at Burna… πŸ˜‰ will be even better!

Photo Companion to the Bible – Joshua and Judges

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It is always nice when a big project is finally published… This last week – BiblePlaces released three new volumes in the Photo Companion to the Bible series – including the books of Joshua and Judges – in which I served as lead author/content creator. Check them out here and here (discounted!) where you can also get sample chapters.