Great News! Lanier Archaeological Institute at Lipscomb University

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As you might remember – Our SWBTS/Tandy colleagues and friends found themselves in limbo a few months ago when their department was suddenly cancelled. For the back story of the demise of the Tandy Institute at SWBTS see e.g., here and here.

Well, the word is finally out! They are now making the move to Tennessee and Lipscomb University, which has just announced the “Lanier Archaeological Institute“! A number of news outlets have weighed in on this already – see BAR’s editorial here and Christianity Today here. This is such great news!

Reminder – Our Last Lecture of the Season – by Aharon Tavger

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We hope you have enjoyed our lecture series – today at 20:00 (Israel time) Aharon Tavger will be giving our last lecture in the series. You don’t want to miss this one!

July 16 – Dr. Aharon Tavger: Fortification following destruction? The Iron Age fortress of Tel Burna (click to view recorded lecture)

Reminder – Lecture by Christian Locatell

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Christian will be lecturing on July 13 at 20:00 (Israel time) – Tune in for a very interesting lecture with lots of cool visuals 🙂

Dr. Christian Locatell: The sacred tree motif and goddess representation at Tel Burna click to view record lecture.

Reminder – Lecture by Debi Cassuto

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Tune in at 20:00 Israel time to hear Debi’s lecture.

July 9 – Dr. Debi Cassuto: Reconstructing the Invisible: Textile Production in the Southern Levant (click to view recorded lecture; unfortunately the first few minutes were not recorded)

Farewell Lunch for Marcella

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Yesterday, some of the staff got together and had a goodbye lunch for Marcella Barbosa. Marcella has been at Ariel since the end of the 2019 season working on Late Bronze Age pottery from Gezer and from Burna. We wish her the best of luck on the next stage of her research!

If you missed it – check out Marcella’s lecture from a couple of weeks ago.

Reminder – Lecture today by Andrea on the Archaeobotanical remains at Late Bronze Tel Burna

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In just a few hours (20:00 Israel time) Andrea will be lecturing on the archaeobotanical remains from Tel Burna. She will give a number of interesting insights into the diet of the ancient occupants of Late Bronze Tel Burna.

July 6 – Dr. Andrea Orendi: Rituals and Feasting in the archaeobotanical record. The Lathyrus sativus L. finds from Late Bronze Age Tel Burna, Israel (click to view recorded video)

Andrea with the flotation machine

Reminder – Lecture tomorrow by Benjamin Yang on the LB Finds from Tel Burna

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We are continuing our lecture series tomorrow (July 2 @ 17:00 Jerusalem time) with a rather unique lecture. Benjamin Yang will be delivering a lecture on the LB finds from Tel Burna in Chinese. Here are the details in English: July 2 – Benjamin Yang: Discussing Cultural Diversity at Tel Burna During 13th Century BCE (click for recording)

And now in Chinese:

立拿城考古计划(Tel Burna Archaeological Project)是由以色列阿里埃勒大学(Ariel University)的Itzhaq Shai 教授所领导之一项考古挖掘项目。从2011年到2017年,团队成员在遗址的西侧平地上,挖掘出一约25米见方的祭祀空间,并透过出土文物,将年代定为晚铜时期(西元前十三世纪)的迦南文明。今年暑假,考古队成员将透过线上的方式,于每周一、四(耶路撒冷晚间8时)进行专题讲座,而唯一一场以中文进行的讲座将在本周四下午5时(耶路撒冷时间)由团队成员杨世宏由出土文化的角度,针对立拿城的文化多样性进行探讨。欢迎参加!


Reminder – Lecture Today on the Historical Geography of Libnah and Ether

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In a few hours (20:00 Israel time) – I will be lecturing on the historical geography of Libnah and Ether. The lecture will be based on our ongoing research concerning Tel Burna, but also our future plans to investigate the nearby site of Khirbet ʿAter. Do note that we will also be streaming (or attempting to) on Facebook live. If you can’t make the live event – the video will be posted later.

Dr. Chris McKinny: In the Shephelah… Libnah, Ether (Josh 15:42)” The Historical Geography of Libnah and Ether (video updated)

Reminder! Lecture Marcella Barbosa tomorrow (Updated)

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Tomorrow – Marcella (Area B3 supervisor) will be giving a lecture at 20:00 (8 pm) Israel time. Check it out at the link below! We will also post the video later.

June 25 – Marcella Barbosa: The Search for the Late Bronze at Burna Continues (click to watch video on Facebook)

Lecture by Excavation Director Itzick Shai Today!

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Don’t miss Itzick’s lecture scheduled for today (June 22) at 20:00 Israel time.

 Prof. Itzick Shai: A Summary of Ten Seasons of Excavations at Tel Burna – (Updated – click here to view recording – starts at minute 13:00).