Canaanite Cult with a Cypriot Scent: the Latest on the Tel Burna Excavation Project

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Last night – project director Itzick Shai delivered a lecture at the Bible Lands Museum entitled – “Canaanite Cult with a Cypriot Scent: the Latest on the Tel Burna Excavation Project.” This lecture dealt with the numerous cultic and imported Cypriot items found in Area B1 over the last several years.

Thanks to Debi for the photo!

Comic – The Legend of the Jerrymobile – by Stahlie Calvin

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Stahlie has put together some humorous illustrations 🙂 of a well-known aspect of the Tel Burna excavation experience- the long hike or the bumpy ride to the top of the tel. Very funny 🙂 Well-done Stahlie!

More exciting news! New Book on the LB and Early Iron Age in Southern Canaan Published

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In the middle of the last week of excavation – we received word that our (Aren Maier, Itzhaq Shai, and myself/Chris McKinny) edited book “The Late Bronze and Early Iron Ages of Southern Canaan” had been published by de Gruyter in the Archaeology of Biblical Worlds series! This volume is the published version of a series of lectures that were delivered at Bar Ilan University under the title “Ackerman Family Workshop in Biblical Archaeology” a few years ago. Here are the full bibliographic details for the edited volume.

Maeir, A. M., Itzhaq, S., and McKinny, C. (eds.). 2019. The Late Bronze and Early Iron Age of Southern Canaan. Archaeology of the Biblical Worlds 2. Berlin: de Gruyter. (click for link to front matter and TOC, and click here for de Gruyter’s site page).

Within the volume, myself, Aharon, and Itzick wrote a paper comparing the LB remains at Tel Burna to the surrounding sites in the region. Here are the bibliographic details for this paper:

McKinny, C., Tavger, A., and Shai, I. (2019) Tel Burna in the Late Bronze – Assessing the 13th Century BCE Landscape of the Shephelah. Pp. 148–170 in The Late Bronze and Early Iron Ages of Southern Canaan, eds. A. M. Maeir, I. Shai, and C. McKinny (eds.). Berlin: de Gruyter.

ISF Grant – Funding for the Next Four Years!

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We are very excited to announce that the Tel Burna Archaeological Project and its esteemed director (Itzick) have been awarded an ISF (Israel Science Fund) grant!

This is great news – we will now be able to continue the project for (at least) the next four years and carry out different types of analyses of the different layers of the site! Here is a shot of the newly uncovered gate in Area G that will certainly benefit from the ISF – way to go Itzick!!!

Drone Video from John DeLancey

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Check out the nice drone video that John shot and edited!

Week 4 – Day 3

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Today – we finished cleaning Area B2 for the final aerials later this evening. Also, we moved all of the material from the kibbutz to the Ariel lab where the team enjoyed looking over the finds from previous seasons.

Here are some pics from the day:

Week 4 – Day 2

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Today – we swept, swept, and swept some more. We also removed the shades from A1 and B2 and took all of the tools to the container. Jerry did a fantastic job reorganizing the container and now everything fits nicely inside!

Tomorrow – about half of the group will go to the tel to sweep and the other half will prepare the dig camp/office for closing off the season.

It has been a really great season and we are so thankful for all of our hardworking team and staff.

Personally, in my area – Area G – we had a fantastic group (Natasha, Shawn, Lauren, Jacob, Hyun, John, Kay, Wally, Nadine, Jeff, Christian, and anyone else that I may have forgotten 🙂 and assistants (thanks Ian and Benjamin!)

Here are some photos of today’s work.