SBL and ASOR Tel Burna Presentations

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Over the last couple of days, several of our staff have presented papers at this year’s ASOR and SBL conferences. At ASOR, Itzick presented on the finds from the last two seasons. At SBL, Chris and Itzick gave a paper on the cultic finds from Area B1. The presentations can be accessed below.

Prezi Presentation

New BASOR article on Area B1 by Itzick, Chris and Joe

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We are pleased to announce that BASOR (Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research) has just sent the final proofs of our article “Late Bronze Age Cultic Activity in Ancient Canaan: A View from Tel Burna,” which was authored by Itzick, Chris and Joe!

Here is the abstract:

Excavations at Tel Burna, Israel, have uncovered portions of a large structure from the Late Bronze Age IIB, yielding numerous finds that suggest ritual and cultic practices occurred in the building, particularly in its central courtyard. is article presents the finds from the excavations, examining the meaning of the cultic artifacts discovered and comparing the building with the nearby Fosse Temple at Lachish. It is hoped that the discovery and presentation of the finds will help yield important information on cultic practices occurring in the 13th-century b.c.e. Shephelah.

Bibliographic Details:

2015: Shai, I., McKinny, C., Uziel, J. “Late Bronze Age Cultic Activity in Ancient Canaan: A View from Tel Burna.” Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research 374: 115-133.

2016 Excavation Season Application

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We are excited to officially open up registration for the 2016 season at Tel Burna – season number 7 – which will undoubtedly be the most fantastic and productive one yet!

The paper form can be found here or go to “Join us” in the toolbar above.

But for those who are more tech-savvy – we have created an online form which can also be accessed from the toolbar under “Excavation Application.” Besides (hopefully) streamlining the application process – the online application provides some details related to a “pre-excavation tour of Israel” that will take place right before the excavation – led by myself (Chris).

Look forward to seeing you this summer! :)


2016 Season Flyer

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Check out our flyer for the 2016 season! We will be posting the registration details shortly.

Poster_Chris 2016

Shana Tovah!

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On Sunday Night, the Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashana) will take place. Happy New year to all of our friends from Tel Burna!!! Shana Tovah!!

And just in time for the Jewish new year – check out the nice piece on Area B1 by Itzick in the current edition of BAR! Way to go Itzick!

2015: Shai, I. “How Canaanites Worshiped.” Biblical Archaeological Review 41(05): 30-31.

New Hebrew Article by Amit and Chris on the History of Research at Tel Burna

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A new article on the history of research at Tel Burna was just published in Moreshet Israel. Way to go Amit and Chris!

The full citation is below (click to read):

2015: Dagan, A. and McKinny, C. “The Beginning of Modern Archaeological and Historical Research at Tel Burna.” Moreshet Israel 12:11-29. 

Nice 3D Model Flyover from the 2014 Season by Griffin

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Check out this nice 3D model flyover from last season from Griffin.

Very cool!