Debi is Officially A Savta!

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We would like to congratulate Debi on becoming a savta (i.e., grandmother)!


Restoration of Iron IIA Storage Jar

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Check out this video illustrating the recently restored Iron IIA storage jar, which was uncovered in the destruction debris in Area B2 this last summer. The restoration was done by Leah Tramer and the video by “Studio Jackie.” Enjoy.

Here is the jar as it was being excavated by Sam and Jane last summer.


And here is the process of its restoration.

Foothills of Judah Conference – In Retrospect

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While we mentioned the various papers presented at the The Foothills of Judah Conference, we would like to also share a few photos from the conference and express our appreciation to all those involved in planning the conference especially Dr. Steve Ortiz and Marcella Barbosa. We are also excited to announce that the Tandy Institute for Archaeology of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary will now be partnering with our team in excavating Tel Burna!

New Article in Quarternary International

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A new article by Ladislav, Michael, Jan (Horak), and Itzick has just been published in Quarternary International. The article is entitled:

“Multi-element mapping of anthropogenically modified soils and sediments at the Bronze to Iron Ages site of Tel Burna in the southern Levant”
Way to go! You can read the whole thing here. All of that X-ray Fluorescence “shooting” is definitely hitting the target 🙂
XRF - Michael at Burna

ASOR and SBL 2017

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After a very fruitful conference at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth Texas (thanks to Dr. Ortiz and Marcella especially for their efforts in arranging the conference – more on that later), much of our team has arrived in Boston to present on Tel Burna and other projects.

November 16: 2:05 Itzhaq Shai (Ariel University), Debi Cassuto (Bar-Ilan University), and Chris McKinny (Texas A&M University Corpus Christi), “Tel Burna Archaeological Project: The Results of the 2016–2017 Seasons” (15 min.)

November 16:5:10 Aharon Tavger (Ariel University), “The Northern Boundary of the Province of Yehud: An Updated Archaeological View from the North” (20 min.)

November 16: Chris McKinny (Texas A&M University Corpus Christi), “Pressing On: Identifying the ‘Other’ Gath and Its Implications for Understanding the Border between the Kingdoms of Israel and Judah” (20 min.)

Excavation Application Online and Foothills of Judah Conference

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We are excited to announce that registration for the 2018 season at Tel Burna is officially open! You can access it here or click above at the “Excavation Application” button. See here for the registration packet for those who would like to fill out the paper packet.

Also – we are less than a week away from the “Foothills of Judah” Conference which will feature presentations by Aharon, Debi, myself, and Itzick along with several other talks by the Gezer team. You can see the schedule here.