Albright Fellows visit Tel Burna Plus We are Extenting the Registration Deadline for our 2014 Season

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A week ago Tuesday, I took some of the Albright Fellows to visit the tel. The weather was lovely and the tel was covered in wild flowers. We disturbed a pair of storks upon our approach to Area A but we left the bulls resting in Area B to themselves. It was a great opportunity for me to see the great work done in March (I was in Jordan that week).

I’m adding here the photos from that day – all taken by Yinglan Zhang, Noble Group Fellow, AIAR.

Please Note that we are extending our registration deadline for the 2014 season to May 10th so don’t delay! There won’t be anymore wildflowers but the tel will be there waiting for us to discover its secrets.



Stork taking flight


Area A1 discussing the dating of the Fortification Walls disturbed by 7th century bce silo (see article


Pointing out inner fortification wall in the northeast corner


View to the east from the northeast corner with the Guvrin Valley below looking towards the hill-country.


Area A2 the pillared structure – waiting to be further revealed


Area B towards Tell es-Safi/Gath – we didn’t get too close because the bulls looked like they didn’t want to be disturbed at all


Part of exposed wall on the northern side of the tell looking westward


The northeast corner of the tel from the eastern agricultural area including one of the agricultural installations


This is what awaits us June 8th!

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