Week 4 – Day 2

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Today – we swept, swept, and swept some more. We also removed the shades from A1 and B2 and took all of the tools to the container. Jerry did a fantastic job reorganizing the container and now everything fits nicely inside!

Tomorrow – about half of the group will go to the tel to sweep and the other half will prepare the dig camp/office for closing off the season.

It has been a really great season and we are so thankful for all of our hardworking team and staff.

Personally, in my area – Area G – we had a fantastic group (Natasha, Shawn, Lauren, Jacob, Hyun, John, Kay, Wally, Nadine, Jeff, Christian, and anyone else that I may have forgotten 🙂 and assistants (thanks Ian and Benjamin!)

Here are some photos of today’s work.

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