Great Slideshow

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Mindy has put together a great slideshow, made up of pictures from the dig.  while some of the pictures you may recognize, seeing them together is really nice.  thanks to Mindy!

Here is the link:


Blog updates

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Today we did preservation work at Tel Burna – We’ll tell you all about it once I get the pictures Amit took.

In the meantime, Chris and Mindy each updated their blogs with Burna pictures and information.  here are the links:

Definitely worth checking out.  Enjoy.

Paper published on Burna

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This week, we saw the first article dealing with the archaeological project at Tel Burna see light. The article was published in The Leiden Journal of Pottery Studies, Volume 25, by Joe Uziel, David Ben-Shlomo, David Ilan, Itzhaq Shai and Aren Maeir. It discusses the way in which pottery was made at three different sites: Tel Nagila, Tell es-Safi and Tel Burna. In short, we visually examined the Middle Bronze Age pottery from the sites, and using petrography, and found that their seems to be a general cultural tradition in the ways in which pots were formed, yet not in the clay recipes, which vary from site to site.

We hope that this is one of many articles that will appear in both scientific journals and more widely read forums!

Aerial Shots of the Tel – Fantastic

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A picture is worth a thousand words.  well, these pictures taken by Sky View are worth even more.  they are just amazing.  There isn’t much more left to say, so Ill just give a short description of each:

This is the Tel – showing its great shape – as we look from the east

Here you can see our excavation  squares, city walls from the north and the entire summit as it stands out.

this is the square in the center of the tel, with the various architectural features, including the wonderful silo.

and here is the section we excavated on the east side of the tel, with the city walls, silos and Iron Age surfaces.

In a word – AMAZING!!!! Thanks to Sky View for these great photos.

Follow up interview on LandMines

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Today we had a follow up interview with Barnea and Dovid on the LandMines show of Israel National Radio.  the interview focused on what we uncovered this season and our intentions for future work.  you can listen to it here.

In other news, yesterday we took aerial photos with Sky View, using a balloon.  We will be posting pictures in the next couple of days.  Make sure to watch out for them – they are fantastic!!!!!

Other Blogs

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For those of you interested, Chris McKinny and Mindy McKinny have both posted their own take on the work at Tel Burna.  everyone should take a look.  Mindy (who not only excavated, but also took many of the pictures for the dig) has several posts, sharing her take on the work, and including many pictures.

Chris give us some background on the possible link between Libnah and Tel Burna, including a timeline of events taken from the Biblical record, in which the city was involved.

These are great for anone who wants to learn a little more about the site, but also get a feel for what things were like on the dig.  thanks a lot to Chris and Mindy for the blog posts, pictures and their hard work on the dig!

Closing up shop

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Today was our last official day in the field.  We spent the day taking final pictures, sweeping for pictures, washing pottery, helping J draw the architectural features, and scouting around for other areas of the site to excavate.  We will post a more complete summary of the season in the next few days, with some more detailed pictures, but we just wanted to share a few more pictures with you and say thanks to all the volunteers who came from near (as close as Kibbutz Beit Near) and far (as far as New Zealand) to work hard at making this season such a great success!!!!  We also want to thank Dudi and Tali from Kibbutz Beit Nir, who gave us a home, which served as our base camp, and help us with the tools and anything we asked for.

On Tuesday we will back at the site, taking aerial pictures.  Watch out for those – we’ll post some.

Here is Sandy cleaning out one of the four pits/silos we discovered this season.

The moon over the tel (quite poetic, as night falls on the first season 🙂

And here are some of the volunteers enjoying themselves