Day 2 – Week 1

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Great day today – very nice weather and an awesome team of around 60 people or so.

We are working in all of the areas (now with shades!) and getting the old squares back into shape, as well as opening a number of new squares.

Area A1 – has a lot of erosion from the last few winters, but Jane and co. will soon be coming down on what seems to be a nice destruction(?) layer.

Area A2 and B1 – are being back-filled – this is a nice sign that we have done a lot of work and are now closing out excavation areas.

Area B2 – working throughout the entire section with finds from the 10th through 6th centuries BCE.

Area B3 – it seems that Marcella and her team already have a very corner that might be the elusive southern wall of the large cultic enclosure (Late Bronze) that we excavated years ago in Area B1.

Area D – Debi’s new area (thus the letter “D”) is looking very nice and it seems that this too is also Late Bronze Age in the area to the northwest of the tel.

Area G – in my area we seem to have great signs that we are on top of a large fortification that could be the original Iron II gate of Tel Burna. We will find out soon!

Great lectures this afternoon by Marcella (Late Bronze) and Aharon (Iron I-II) for our overview lecture series…

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