Tel Burna Season 12 – Liftoff!

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The team has begun to gather at Netiv HaLamed Heh for season number 12 of the Tel Burna Archaeological Project. Since the number “12” is a big deal in the lands of the Bible – we are expecting great things from this season 🙂 We have a great team – our largest yet – and we look forward to many great finds!

This season we will be digging in the following five excavation areas:

Area A2 – eastern slopes (10th-9th centuries BCE)

Area B2 – western section/sondage (13th-5th centuries BCE)

Area B3 – western platform/Late Bronze building (13th century BCE)

Area D – northwestern platform/Late Bronze? (13th century BCE)

Area G – southern fortifications/Iron II gate(s?) (9th-5th centuries BCE)

Check our blog and Facebook page for regular updates.

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