Back in the field!

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After a year hiatus, we are officially back in the field! Yesterday, the team made the annual pilgrimage to the container (which is extremely hot this time of year!) to remove all of the equipment for excavations. Today – excavations have resumed. This year – we are focusing on Area B2 – which is a long section on the west side of the tel. The purpose of Area B2 is to establish the full stratigraphic sequence of Burna – from the top all the way down to bedrock – or chronologically speaking from the Persian period (latest) to the Early Bronze Age (presumed earliest). To that end, Aharon (area supervisor B2) and his team are focusing on several chronological issues this season. One area of investigation is inside the Iron II casemate fortifications where in 2019 – the team exposed the beginning of a collection of loom weights (used on a warp weighted loom for textile production), which may also be related to a destruction layer. Since Debi is a leading expert on textiles – we are excited to see what comes of this exciting find. We are also trying to finish excavating the large destruction layer in Area B2 from the 10th century BCE that was uncovered in previous seasons, as well as (hopefully) finally determining a specific Iron II date for the casemate fortifications that surround the tel. Check out some aerial photos of the tel with the team in action!

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