Transcultural Mobilities and Memories Online Conference

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This last week, I had the privilege of presenting on the interesting Late Bronze finds from Tel Burna in a workshop arranged by our very own Antonio de Freitas. All told, it was nice online workshop with some interesting follow-up discussion.

Canaanite Cult with a Cypriot Scent: A View from Tel Burna, Israel 

Itzhaq Shai, (Ariel University of Samaria) & Chris McKinny (Gesher Media) 

Over a decade of excavations at Tel Burna (Israel), a unique and fascinating cultic building was exposed. The building is well-dated to the 13th century BCE (Late Bronze Age). The finds indicate ritual practices within the Building and show local Canaanite tradition accompanied by Cypriot customs. In this lecture, we will present the building and the finds with an emphasis on the cultic materials. In addition, special attention will be put on the various imported items, which reflect a transcultural connection between Canaan and Cyprus. We will also discuss the local Canaanite cult practices and the meaning of the foreign elements for the local people who worshipped within this building. 

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