Martin’s Lecture and a new article out

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Today, Martin gave a presentation over Zoom (here is the presentation itself) on the finds from Tel Burna in connection with his ongoing research. See below for a few screenshots of the lecture.

Also – hot-off-the-press! Martin and a number of other members from the team have just published a very nice paper – the abstract of the paper can be accessed here. Way to go Martin, Jan, Oren, Aharon, Debi, Ladislav, Micahl, Yaakov, and Itzick!

Janovský, Martin Petr, Jan Horák, Oren Ackermann, Aharon Tavger, Deborah Cassuto, Ladislav Šmejda, Michal Hejcman, Yaakov Anker, and Itzhaq Shai. “The Contribution of POSL and PXRF to the Discussion on Sedimentary and Site Formation Processes in Archaeological Contexts of the Southern Levant and the Interpretation of Biblical Strata at Tel Burna.” Quaternary International (2020).

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