New Article in Qadmoniyot!

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We are pleased to announce the publication of an article in Qadmoniyot! This article presents an overview of the past ten years of research at Tel Burna (in Hebrew). Way to go team! Below is the first page. The bibliographic details are as follows:

Shai, I., Tavger, A., Suriano, M., Cassuto, D., Locatell, C., McKinny, C. 2019. Ten Years of Research at Tel Burna: A Canaanite Cultic Center and Judahite Border Settlement. Qadmoniyot 158: 83-91.

We would also like to remind you – that the registration for next season is open – we would love for you to join us this summer. We think that the next ten years (maybe not all of them at Burna… 😉 will be even better!

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