Week 3 – Day 3

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Today – a large group of kids from a Kefar Saba summer camp joined us in the field along with our friend and colleague Sylvie Yogev. They had a great time digging, sifting, and learning about archaeology. Community archaeology remains one of our long-term goals and methods for the project. As far as finds go – we had some nice progress in all of the different areas.

A1 – Jane and Andrew keep plugging along outside of the fortification finding more and more Iron IIA features.

A2 – Debi (and Hanoch who joined us today!), Terry, Rebekah, etc. are almost entirely in the Early Iron IIA. They uncovered a very nice complete storage jar that will undergo residue analysis (by Tsiona who joined us to excavate this).

B2 – Aharon and co. now have almost 3 meters(!) of the outer fortification wall exposed which is very impressive (and they still have not found the bottom).

B3 – Marcella et al. found several complete vessels and another lamp-bowl floor deposit along with a fragment of a plaque figurine – very nice finds!

G – Shawn, John, and Hyun reached the surface of the 9th century layer – they did a great job moving something like 50 cm in three days! Hyun also found one of our only examples of a Cypriot Black-on-Res juglet. Natasha, Benjamin, Ian, Jacob, and Yael continued to work on the outer fortifications which are still not completely clear yet. However, it now seems that we have a massive tower projecting from the outer fortification wall. Lauren worked very hard to expose the inner part of the outer fortification. Ornali, Shawn, and John continued work on the very nice drainage channel that runs below the gate.

Yesterday afternoon – Debi gave a great talk and workshop on textiles and weaving (with lots of items to play around with 🙂 This afternoon – I will be giving a lecture on the Judean Shephelah during the Iron Age.

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