Week 2 – Day 3

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We continued to make a lot of progress in all of the areas.

A1 – Jane, Keegan, Andrew, and Scott are nearly finished removing the ten-year old balk and continue to find restorable 9th century BCE remains.

A2 – Debi’s team has exposed more and more of the layers below the 9th-8th century BCE building and are beginning to find a layer characterized by the early Iron IIA (10th cent. BCE). The pottery and probably the layer is contemporary with the destruction that we found down in B2. We will have to wait and see if we have the same destruction in A2 as well.

B2 – More ball removal and lots of restorable pottery from the 10th century destruction. Andy and Matt also continued to expose the late Iron II building close to the fortification.

G – Great progress today. We now very clearly have another section of the massive fortification wall thanks to Benjamin and Jacob’s meticulous work. Hailey, Gai and Gabriel, Ian, and others worked on removing the top soil for a new square that we think has a lot of potential for answering some of or major architectural questions. Natasha and Hyun removed a balk to help us better understand the architecture. Shawn and Lauren continued to expose the inside of the casemate wall – we now hope to go as far down as possible this season to get the earliest date of the inner fortification wall. Christian dismantled a rebuild between two very massive boulders. Interestingly, the fill seems to date to the Persian period – which might mean that we have now found “a” gate or at least an entrance to the city during the Iron IIC and perhaps earlier. It is to soon to tell, but if it is the gatehouse it would be similar to the simple one found at Tel Arad.

This evening – Marcella will be lecturing on different features of the Late Bronze Shephelah.

Also – see the pic below that shows Debi getting her PhD diploma! Way to go!

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