Week 1 – Day 5

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It was a great first week with lots of progress in all of the areas. We still have a good sized group next week. We had to say goodbye to new friends from North Carolina (and others). Thanks for all your hard work! As usual – Friday was also family day and several family groups joined us for part of the excavation day 🙂

A1 – It is very clear that Jane’s team is on the same level that was excavated previously and a number of Iron IIA sherds are popping up. They also found a very nice pyxis fragment.

A2 – Debi, Terry, Rebekah, etc. continued to remove the iron II(B? or perhaps late IIA) floor to define the earlier layers. The last two days they have begun to notice a large deposit of burnt mudbrick or roof debris that has quite a lot of ash. We hope that this will turn out to be a destruction layer from an earlier Iron Age phase but we will have to wait and see.

B2 – Aharon, Matt, Sam, Clay, etc. began removing a massive balk above the destruction layer from the Early Iron IIA and they also continued to expose the late Iron II building east of the fortifications. Just outside of the fortifications – it seems that they are beginning to teach a destruction layer – but since they are the slope – we do not yet know if this relates to the 10th century destruction or later.

B3 – Marcella, Jerry, Michaela, Reilly, etc. had some very nice finds today including a Late Bronze chalice and a few other restorable vessels.

G – Despite the short day – we had some nice progress in Area G. We uncovered more courses to the walls that we discovered earlier this week. Benjamin and Jacob began uncovering what appears to be a huge section of the fortification wall, which might give us some hints as to where the gate might be located.

This weekend – several members of the team will be heading to Jerusalem. I am leading a groups to the Dead Sea and Negev where we will visit a number of sites over the weekend including Khirbet Qumran, Ein Gedi, Masada, Arad, and Tel Sheva.

Finally – on a somewhat related regional issue – I received word that my paper dealing with the locations of Lehi, Ramath-Lehi, etc. in the Samson narrative was published in the Journal of Archaeology and Text – see here.

And here are a bunch of pics taken by various members of the team!

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