Week 1 – Day 4

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Yesterday afternoon I led some of the team on a tour of Azekah. Also, Matt gave a very interesting lecture on Iron Age tombs discussing various issues related to the archaeology, ancient inscriptions, and the biblical text.

A1 – Jane’s team has done a very nice job cleaning the old excavation squares and it seems that they are beginning to excavate the Late Iron IIA phase found in previous seasons.

A2 – there are a number of interesting features coming up all over the area as Debi, Rebekah, Terry, etc. continue to remove the floor of the Iron II building. In the pottery reading today we had several very nice examples of late Iron IIA bowls.

B2 – Aharon – who receives his diploma tonight for his PhD (way to go Aharon!!!) – continued to excavate in the new square which seems to be related to the Iron IIC building that was built on top of the earlier Iron II fortifications. Clay and Sam also began dismantling a very large and (now) very fragmentary balk above the destruction layer. Hopefully, next week they will begin excavating the Early Iron IIA destruction.

B3 – Marcella has some very large architecture that is built in the typical (crummy and not very straight) Canaanite, Late Bronze tradition. They also uncovered a lot of pottery including a few pieces of Cypriot ware.

G – We have exposed several new walls including what seems to be the casemate fortification seen in other areas. However, the orientation and the size of the walls around these walls are different and seem to be quite massive. It also appears – as of now – that we have several phases of activity in this area from at least the Iron IIB through the Persian period. We had a very worn two-winged LMLK seal impression (the part where the city could be [e.g., Socoh] is broken) come up in pottery reading today.

Tomorrow – we have a slightly shorter day as the team goes to different parts of the country on the weekends.

One thought on “Week 1 – Day 4

    G.M. Grena said:
    June 21, 2019 at 5:07 am

    If you can post a photo of this “very worn” LMLK, I’d be glad to analyze it to see if I can match it to one of the known designs, even with the bottom half missing.

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