Lecture and Field Tour Schedule for Excavation

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As usual, we will have a nice slate of field tours and lectures this upcoming excavation season (see below). We also still have a few spots left! If you are on the fence about coming this summer – get off the fence and come help us find the gate 🙂

TEL BURNA 2019 LECTURES (Tentative):

Each week there will be various lectures and tours. Monday is touring sites in the region with an emphasis on sites recently or currently being excavated. There will be three lectures each week. Lectures focus on 1) principles and methods of excavation, 2) history and archaeology of the southern Levant, and 3) various approaches to analysis of the material record.

Week 1

  • S        Tel Burna-A Decade of Research (Prof. Itzick Shai)
  • M       Site Tour: Northern Shephelah: Beth Shemesh, Gezer
  • T       Bib Arch in 21st C (Prof. Itzick Shai) or Arch Meth & Theory (Prof. Steven Ortiz)
  • W       Tombs Remembered – Tombs Forgotten: Studying the Iron Age Tombs and Tomb Inscriptions from Jerusalem (Prof. Matthew Suriano)
  • Th      Principles of Field Documentation- PlanGrid (Dr. Chris McKinny); Photogrammetry (Dr. Jane Gaastra)
  • Fri-Sat: Weekend Study Tours: The Judean Wilderness and the Negev (Dr. Chris McKinny)

Week 2

  • M       Archaeological Site Survey: Method and Practice (Dr. Aharon Tavger)
  • T       Site Tour: Gath of the Philistines: Tel es-Safi (Prof. Aren Maeir)
  • W      Late Bronze Age (PhD student Marcella Barbosa)
  • Th     Zooarchaeology and Archaeo-Botany (Prof. Tina Greenfield and Dr. Andrea Orendi)
  • Fri-Sun 3-Day weekend for Study Tour: The Northern Regions (coast, Galilee, Golan Heights) (Dr. Chris McKinny)

Week 3

  • S       Site Tour: E-Rai (Prof. Yossi Garfinkel) and Lachish (Dig Staff)
  • T       Textile Workshop (Dr. Debi Cassuto)
  • W      Iron Age (Dr. Aharon Tavger)
  • Th     GIS and Archaeology (Prof. Ladislav Smedja) + Soil Analysis – (Prof. Michael Hejman)
  • Fri-Sun Weekend Study Tour: Jerusalem and its environs (Dr. Chris McKinny)

Week 4

  • M       Site Tour: TBD
  • T       TBD
  • W      Final Photos
  • Th      (at Ariel University) Ceramic Restoration Process + Shiloh (Drs. Chris McKinny and Aharon Tavger)

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