New Paper on the Pithoi from Area B1

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We are happy to announce that our paper on the two Cypriot Pithoi found in Area B1 has been published!

One of the large pithoi mentioned in the article

Here is the abstract:

Bronze Age trade in the Eastern Mediterranean is well attested in south Levantine archaeological research, with imported vessels generally playing a significant role in the ceramic assemblage. While the majority of these vessels are found repeatedly at many different sites, there are cases where a rare find sheds new light on the way in which trade patterns are perceived. Such is the case with two fully restored pithoi found in a Late Bronze IIB building at Tel Burna. This paper presents the context in which the pithoi were uncovered, followed by a study of the vessels themselves, including their typology, provenance, volume and contents, as well as the nature of Late Bronze Age trade in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The full bibliographic details:

2019: Shai, I.; McKinny, C.; Spigelman, Ben-Shlomo, D., Karasik, A., Namdar, D., and Uziel, J. Late Bronze Age Trade as Seen through the Eyes of Two Cypriot Pithoi on a Shephelah Hilltop. Tel Aviv 46: 63–80.

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