Week 4 – Day 4

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Today was the last day of the season – we took all of the finds to the lab in Ariel. While there – the staff gave a brief presentation of the ongoing pottery restoration and past finds from the excavation.

After a very nice hummus lunch – we drove over to Mount Gerizim above modern Nablus/ancient Shechem – the geographical background to a sizable section of the biblical narrative.

On the way back to the kibbutz – we also stopped off at Izbet Sartah – commonly identified with Ebenezer (1 Samuel 4) – to examine Finkelstein’s excavations of the site back in the 1970s.

All told – this was a fantastic season with very important and interesting discoveries. Each area – accomplished well beyond what we set out to accomplish at the beginning of the season – and on account of this we would like to thank our amazing team for all of their hard work and great attitudes.

In a few days or so – I will put together a season summary which will include some nice visuals of the tell/different areas of excavation.

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