Week 2 – Day 5

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Friday was the last day for a number of team members – we thank them for their hard work and really hope to see them again! See below for group photo.

Thursday evening we heard an excellent lecture by Ian and their (along with Sam and Jane) implementation of photogrammetry and 3D modeling for daily top plans, architectural plans, etc – the discussion was lively.

Myself and a few others did not dig this Friday and went up to the north where among touring other sites – we had a very interesting tour of Abel Beth-Maacah by Bob Mullins (see pictured). We also toured around the Sea of Galilee today at Mount Arbel, the Horns of Hattin (very impressive remains on top!), Magdala, Nof Ginosar, and Capernaum.

Back at the tel where work was actually being done šŸ™‚ – work continued in all areas.

In A2 – several more vessels and a surface/pavement are beginning to appear – although we will have to see if this relates to an earlier Iron IIB phase or the Iron IIA.

In B2 – we are really in he destruction now! We should have lots of very nice finds next week.

In G – we are short on finds – but lots of very large architecture that we will hopefully understand by the end of the season.

Finally – we were visited by a group of kibbutz members from nearby Beit Nir – who came in honor of our mutual friend and fellow laborer – Ido Ginton – who unfortunately passed away a couple of years ago. We really miss him, his hard work, his jokes, his coffee, and his personality!

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