Week 2 – Day 4

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After a nice cool morning – it became quite warm on the tell, and we were all dragging a bit – but we persevered đŸ™‚

In Area A2 – Debi’s crew is getting down to the 9th century layers – lots of restorable vessels are appearing.

In Area B2 – Aharon is clearly in the Iron I/IIA destruction in both squares and lots of complete vessels are being excavated under a very thick layer of ash. They also have some very large pieces of architecture beginning to appear.

In Area C – Ian and Benjamin have been chipping away at a new square in the agricultural area – today they found sherds from the Middle Bronze IIA, and a nice Early Bronze metallic ware sherd (c. 2800 BCE) was noticed in pottery reading. This is very interesting as it appears that more and more this area was used for agricultural production for millennia.

In Area G – things are becoming more complex. In the new squares that were just opened we have a large collapse that is probably related to the Iron II casemate wall and perhaps some later rebuilding – but in the squares with the supposed gate we have a lot of architecture that we do not yet understand. Next week we hope to remove a couple of balks to be able to understand it better. As it now stands we either have a very large and well built tower with a later Persian or Iron IIC structure on top – or a gate chamber with later rebuild – we will see… stay tuned.

Today – we also were visited by Drs. Jimmy Harden and Jeff Blakely from Tell el-Hesi/Kh. Summeily – see photos below.

Yesterday afternoon – Jane gave a lecture on animal bones in relation to human activity – excellent and useful as always. This evening Ian will be explaining to the crew what he, Sam, and Jane have been doing with photogrammetry and 3D modeling – very cool! And a special thanks to all three – as they faithfully stay up into the wee hours of the night to make sure we have a fantastic and accurate top plan to excavate with.

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