Week 2 – Day 3

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We had a lot of good progress today. We are in the full swing of things now – and the days seem to fly by quickly in the field.

In Area A2 – several complete vessels are appearing and the remains of a cow were excavated.

In Area B2 – Aharon’s group is right on top of the Iron I/II destruction after removing an enormous amount of rubble. Lots of vessels are appearing with ash and other finds. Special shout out to Jared, Caroline, Stahlie, and Luke for getting through a lot of fill in a very short time! We wish they were staying for two more weeks 🙂

In Area G – it is very clear now that we have at least two phases in the area of the presumed gate – the earlier phase is beginning to appear and it looks quite impressive. Gil also showed off his skills as a juggler! (See video below)

Yesterday afternoon – Aren Maeir gave an interesting lecture on the always impressive finds from Tell es-Safi/Gath and this afternoon – Jane will be lecturing on animal bones and archaeology this afternoon.

We also had a very special visitor during pottery reading – who employed a special technique of a taste test for dating the pottery (see pictured below).

第二周  第三天





昨天下午,Prof. Seen Maeir带来一场非常有趣的课程,是关于来自tel es-Safi/Gath令人印象深刻的发现。今天下午,团队成员:Jane将向我们介绍动物考古学。

第二週  第三天





昨天下午,Prof. Aren Maeir帶來一場非常有趣的課程,是關於來自tel es-Safi/Gath令人印象深刻的發現。今天下午,團隊成員:Jane將向我們介紹動物考古學。

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