Week 2 – Day 2

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Today – we began uncovering several architectural elements in all of the areas.

In A2 – the balks have been remade (some 1.5 meters below the top of the summit) and they are beginning to penetrate into early Iron II layers.

In B2 – we have lots of charcoal and a few olive pits – which will hopefully helpful for providing a 14C date for the Iron I/II destruction. Aharon and his team also located what appears to be a massive tower or fortification that may prove to be earlier than the Iron II fortifications that mark the top of the summit.

In G – more and more courses of walls from previous days area appearing. We have lots of restorable pottery from what appears to be a Persian layer. We also are getting several indicates of very large architectural phases – perhaps a large pavement (maybe the pavements in and around the gate like at other sites – eg Lachish, Dan, etc) – we will have to wait and see. Dr. Steve Sanchez and Macy from Moody excavated a very deep silo (Iron IIC?) – which is now around 1.70 m deep and we are still not to the bottom! Amazing work considering they only started digging yesterday in the silo.

Here are some pics from today’s excavation.

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