Week 2 – Day 1

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After an eventful weekend for much of the group (touring Jerusalem, Dead Sea, etc.) – we resumed excavating today. We had some interesting developments in all of the areas.

In Area A2 – three complete vessels were found – probably from the Iron IIB/8th century BC. These included a nice juglet (see photo below).

In B2 – the team made excellent progress in exposing the building in the fortifications (probably in use in the Iron IIC and perhaps Persian periods). They are very nearly at the same level that was reached last season in the adjoining square – which means that they can excavate the both squares at the same time to understand the horizontal context of the structure. Further down the slope – more and more pottery and ash is coming out – which indicates that we are just on top of the Iron I/II destruction – there should be lots of nice finds over the next couple of weeks.

In G – today was marked by the opening of another square, digging c. 70 cm into a large Iron II silo (probably 7th century based on past seasons), and the discovery of an in situ smashed Persian storage jar with many of its seeds still intact (thanks to Ira’s keen eye for noticing!)

Yesterday afternoon we heard an engaging lecture by Dr. Steve Ortiz on archaeological theory and methodology. This afternoon we will tour Tel Azekah – which is only a few miles from our accommodations in the Elah Valley.

We also were joined by longtime team member Kay Fountain – who presented each coauthor (of a Tel Burna paper) a copy of the book published in her honor.

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