Week 1 – Day 3

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It was really hot today – but we had some very nice developments in all of the excavation areas.

In A2 – the last balk has been almost completely removed and the 9th century awaits Debi and co.’s trowels.

In B2 – Aaron, Sam, and team are progressing and much more of the architecture is beginning to appear. We also have yet another crucible from just outside of the fortification – and we still do not understand if this is in primary or secondary deposition. Hopefully we will have some answers to this question later on in the season.

In C – Ian and Benjamin worked in the hot sun until breakfast – excavating another agricultural installation.

In G – we have a lot of new and quite substantial architecture directly beneath the surface – and while it is too early to say that it is the gate – things are starting to get very interesting. We also found the top half of what appears to be a dog tag (soldier ID worn around a chain) from the 1948 Israel War for independence. As always – it is quite amazing to consider that the fortifications that defended the ancient Judahite town against Sennacherib (quite unsuccessfully) – were also reused some 2500 years later by the Givati Brigade.

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