Week 1 – Day 2

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We had a very nice day in the field – all of the excavation areas are up and running and new architectural features are popping up.

In A2 – much of (two years worth of) the winter wash was removed and we are getting close to beginning to start excavations below the 8th century BCE building that was presumably destroyed in 701 BCE in the campaign of Sennacherib.

In B2 – students from Southwestern and Moody are very efficiently removing a large collapse that is sitting on top of an Iron I/IIA destruction. They are also beginning to excavate the continuation of a nicely built Iron IIC/7th cent BCE building.

In G – we already have architecture beneath the surface. As of yet, it is unclear what these structures are – but it is possible that we have the beginnings of a couple Iron II features – one of which is perhaps a silo. We will have to wait and see…

Finally – this afternoon we had our first (very short) pottery washing session and listened to a lecture by myself on archaeological recording/PlanGrid adaption at Tel Burna and another by Tina Greenfield on Bioarchaeology.

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