Update for Week 3

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We have had a very nice week so far with lots of interesting finds in all three excavation areas (A2, B1, and B2 – C is starting again next week).

In Area A2 – Debi and her team have finished removing several balks and are now prepared to remove the large 8th century building in order to expose the earlier periods below. Today, they excavated a nice Iron IIB complete vessel.

In Area B2 – Aharon and Matt have exposed the fortification collapse in B6 (this year’s new square) and in B7 they have more evidence of the metallurgical activity and what seems to be a clean Late Bronze Age surface – just outside of, but leaning on the fortification wall. This is very interesting – because it has been our assumption until now that the outer fortification wall was constructed at some point in the Iron II – this new evidence may point to an earlier period for the initial construction of the fortification (Middle Bronze?)

In Area B1 – Chris, Benjamin, Casey, and co. are exposing a well-preserved layer within the large cultic building. Today and yesterday we had lots of finds including several complete vessels a large concentration of cypriot imports and a nice complete and decorated goblet. We may also (finally) have the northern wall/corner of the large courtyard/building. A little further up the slope, Benjamin is digging a deep probe into what appears to be a purposeful rock and fine soil fill – it is too early to determine if this fill is just a collapse or something more interesting… hopefully we will have more to write on this in the next week or so.

Besides all of the great progress in the excavations, we have had several interesting lectures over the last couple of days. Tonight – Adi Eliyahu-Bahar presented on the importance and fundamentals of “microarchaeology.” Yesterday – Adam Prins (Durham University) along with Matthew Adams (the Albright Institute) gave a fascinating lecture on the JVRP method for field plans and registration that incorporates 3D models simply using photos and software (look for more posts on this in the future). Finally – Casey lectured on the material culture of the Late Bronze Age on Sunday afternoon.

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