Tel Burna Update for First Two Weeks!

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We are now nearing the end of the second week of excavations at Tel Burna (out of four) and, so far, we have had some very nice finds and a great group. In the first week, we were joined by students from Israel College of the Bible and this week by students from Hanshin University led by Prof. Park.

In Area A2 – Debi (along with Caitlin, Sheila, and co.) are removing several balks in connection with the large Iron IIB (8th century BCE) building, in order to expose earlier layers. Today, they found a very nice small horse figurine – which probably dates to the Iron II, although we are still looking for the rider 🙂

In Area C – Casey and his crew are exposing a myriad of agricultural complexes, which seem to clearly date to the Bronze and Iron Ages (including a complete Iron II jug) – and perhaps even the Chalcolithic period! These are very cool finds immediately beneath the top soil!

In Area B2 – Aharon and Matt are exposing a section of the Iron II casemate fortifications that were re-used in later phases of the Iron II (probably 7th century) and perhaps in the Persian period. As we mentioned last year, directly outside of these walls we have remains of metallurgical activity of copper – but it is still a bit of a mystery as to which particular period this should be related. In addition, Ladislav and Michael are with us again this year and have been busy taking measurements with the handheld XRF and just this evening Ladislav presented on the fantastic results from last year’s research in Area B2 and throughout the entire site.

In Area B1 – Chris, Benjamin, and co. have been exposing some remains from the Late Bronze Age cultic building that had been excavated in previous seasons – we hope to report more on this subject in the next two weeks as we have just opened what appears to be a very promising square, which has already produced an enormous amount of Late Bronze pottery (including a complete LB goblet) in just the first few centimeters below the surface. Finally, team members from B1 and B2 are working together on one of the main research tasks for Tel Burna – the large east-west section on the western side of the tel’s summit (i.e., the “sondage”).

See below for photos

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