Week 2 Summary

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This week we had the largest group of volunteers and thanks to them we were able to make a great progress in all four areas. We also had a nice tour on Monday to Tel Erani and heard several interesting lectures from Antonio (Tel Burna epigraphic and gly[tic finds in their wider context), Michal (summary of past research relating to archaeological landscapes and ancient ecology) and Chris (the Historical Geography of the Libnah District – Joshua 15:42-44).

Team from Week 2

Area A2 – the remains of the Iron Age IIB building are expanding to the east and south and a nice complete tabun was also uncovered.

Sheila taking a level in Area A2
Working hard in Area A2

Area B2 – the outer wall of the Iron II fortification was clearly defined and it has the same width as was exposed 4 years ago in Area A1 (on the eastern side of the summit). In addition outside of the fortification wall one more Iron Age IIC silo was discovered. There is also an indication to metallurgical activity in this area (again outside of the wall)!!

Levi and Daniel from ICB removing the collapse of the Iron II fortifications outside of the walls in B2

Area B1 – more of the Late Bronze Age public building has been exposed including pavement, smashed vessels in situ and architecture.

Complete smashed pithos from B1
LB arrowhead from Area B1

Area C – this Area is located on the eastern slopes where agricultural installations are visible, but the date is unknown. A new square was opened in order to date the human activity in this area. It is clear now that this should be dated to the Iron Age.
In addition Drs. Michal Hejcman and Ladislav Smejda are sampling soil and features all over the site with the portable XRF and the results looks very promising. Dr. Tina Greenfield is analyzing the fauna (focusing in Area B) and Dr. Antonio de Freitas is studying the glyptic finds.

All in all great finds, great week and wonderful volunteers!

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