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Check out Itzick’s newly published article on Tel Burna at Popular Archaeology (subscription required).

An archaeological team is excavating a site that is showing evidence of having been a fortified settlement belonging to the kingdom of Judah both before and during the time when the Assyrians were sacking the kingdom’s cities in the 8th century BCE.

Known today as the site of Tel Burna, the mound is located in the fertile rolling plains of the Shephelah, a region between the coastal plains and the Jerusalem mountains in central Israel. It is an area that, anciently, served as a strategic borderland between the Philistines in the west and ancient Israel and the kingdom of Judah to the east. Today, Tel Burna is surrounded by other ancient sites that have been intensely investigated and excavated over the years.  But this site has seen relatively little exploration and research—until now………….

LMLK, Personal Stamp, and Rosette seal impressions from the 8th-7th centuries BCE

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