New Articles by Matt and Itzick

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Check out the new articles that were recently published published by Itzick and Matt respectively.

Shai, I. 2014. Ashkelon: The Seventh Century B.C. By Lawrence E. Stager; Daniel M. Master; and J. David Schloen. Final Report of the Leon Levy Expedition to Ashkelon, vol. 3. Winona Lake, Ind.; Eisenbrauns, 2011. Pp. XV + 817, illus. Journal of American Oriental Society 134.2:516-519

Suriano, M.J. 2014. “Breaking Bread with the Dead: Katumuwa’s Stele, Hosea 9:4, and the Early History of the Soul.” JAOS (134.3).385-405.

Suriano, M.J. 2014. “The Historicality of the King: An Exercise in Reading Royal Inscriptions from the Ancient Levant.” Journal of Ancient Near Eastern History (1.2). 95-118.

Way to go!

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