Day 2 – Spring 2014

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Today we went into working in Seven new Squares!!!!

The ICB team broke topsoil in three squares in Area A, while Ofer and Sadn – two of our core team of volunteers that come back every year for more – continued to work in one of our existing squares, discovering what seems to be remains of a destruction on an Iron Age surface, with much burnt material and even discovered most of the pieces of an Iron Age Lamp!

The team from the Master’s College worked in Area B, opening 4 squares and discovering more walls of the Late Bronze Age structures there, picking up along the way many nice pottery sherds, including a piece of an imported Cypriot Basering Bowl and a sherd of an imported Mycenean Jug! here are some pics of the group enjoying themselves – thanks for all your hard work! Tomorrow is our last of the spring season – can’t wait for the summer!

DSC06500 DSC06507 DSC06512 DSC06549 DSC06551 DSC06564 DSC06586 DSC06594 DSC06597 DSC06598 DSC06611 DSC06614 DSC06626 DSC06635 DSC06643 DSC06654 DSC06684 DSC06692

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