Day 1 in the field

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Yesterday, we began our summer season, setting up camp, washing pottery and getting to know everyone.

Today we headed up to the field for our first day in summer 2013. We spent some time putting up tents and looking around and getting everyone oriented, and then we broke up into two teams, working in Area B on the LB cultic area and in Area A on the large Iron Age IIB building.  Although some cleaning was necessary, we got right down to work and ended up with a very productive day, thanks to our great group!!! thanks to all of them for a hard day’s work – hope they enjoyed it.  this is quite a diverse group with participants form the USA< Canada, the UK, the Netherlands, Australia, Denmark and Israel, including several Biblical text scholars.  Here are some shots from today:

2013-06-03 05.52.23
The Bull waiting for us in the morning


2013-06-03 06.08.39
Working to put up tents
2013-06-03 08.38.53
Chris explaining to his crew
2013-06-03 08.39.12
More bulls taking a dirt bath
2013-06-03 08.42.26
Neria taking down a balk
2013-06-03 08.42.35
All smiles working in area A
2013-06-03 10.39.47
Andrew showing off his new/old weight
2013-06-03 10.46.05
Ehud showing off his new/old lead weight
2013-06-03 12.14.22
Plenty of olive seeds, barley and in the case a grape seed for Andrea!



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