Congratulations Aaron Tugendhaft!

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Way to go Aaron! (HT: Jack Sasson)

Aaron Tugendhaft is the Winner of the Jonas Greenfield Prize For Younger Semitists in 2012

On behalf of the American Oriental Society, the selection committee
announces that it has awarded the Jonas Greenfield Prize For Younger
Semitists to Aaron Tugendhaft, New York University.

The American Oriental Society honors the memory of eminent Semitist
and American Oriental Society member, Jonas C. Greenfield (October 30,
1926-March 13, 1995). The Greenfield Prize carries a cash award of
$5000, and is granted every three years to a younger scholar for the
best article in any area of Semitic studies that has been published
during the most recent two-year period.

The current competition for the Greenfield Prize covers the period
from June 2010 through May 2012. According to the stipulations of the
donor, candidates for the current competition were forty years old or
younger by June 1, 2012.

The selection committee hereby awards the Jonas Greenfield Prize For
Younger Semitists to Aaron Tugendhaft, New York University, Hebrew and
Judaic Studies, and the Albright Institute, Jerusalem, for his article
“How to Become a Brother in the Bronze Age: An Inquiry into the
Representation of Politics in Ugaritic Myth”, Fragments, Volume 2
(2012) pp. 89-104.

The Greenfield Prize Committee recommended his contribution for its
(discovery and) innovative treatment of a problem in the Ugaritic
mythological texts, coupled with a well-informed thesis drawing on the
political tropes of the times. It represents the sort of serious
philological competence and scholarly erudition that makes it shine
amongst the many other worthy submissions in the competition.

The Greenfield Prize Committee:
Randall Garr, Chair (University of California Sanata Barbara)
Stephen Kaufman (Hebrew Union College)
Daniel Fleming (New York University)
Na’ama Pat-El (Ex Officio; University of Texas)

Aaron Tugendhaft excavated with us last year at Tel Burna and now he has a won a major, prestigious academic award! Coincidence? 🙂


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