New Article on Burna Fortifications

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This morning, we received a pdf of our article on the dating of the fortifications discovered at Tel Burna – one of the main features we have have been studying – in IEJ!  The full reference is:

Shai, I., Cassuto, D., Dagan, A., and Uziel, J. 2012. The Fortifications at Tel Burna: Date, Function and Meaning. Israel Exploration Journal 62(2): 141–57.

Here is the abstract:

The first two seasons of work at Tel Burna have focused on revealing a segment of the fortification walls partially exposed along the perimeter of the upper tel. The discovery of a seventh-century BCE silo cutting the inner wall of the fortifications provides a terminus ante quem for the wall. This discovery, in conjunction with other finds from the excavations, presents us with a unique opportunity to explore the significance and meaning of fortifications and the fortified towns along the western border of ancient Judah.

Thanks to all of you who helped make this possible – staff, volunteers and supporters of the project!!! 


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