Week 2 Roundup

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Week 2 was great, with plenty of smiles and lots of nice finds.  In Area B, Chris and his team kept the Late Bronze Age pottery kept coming.  In the eastern section, Debi and her team kept up with defining the fortifications and silos, and reached nice 9th Century BCE finds.  In the middle, Amit and his team kept exposing 8th Century architecture – lots of it seems pretty massive.  The large Silo (which now seems to be 8th Century BCE) keeps getting deeper and deeper and bring out more and more finds – the latest of which is a scarab found today! See pics below.

Thanks to all the hard work by all the volunteers and staff, who kept moving the dirt carefully so that the finds kept coming!

Amit and Itzick Admiring the Decanter
Matt Studying it as well
The Lady of Burna
Christina in the Silo
Late Bronze Age Pots and feet


One thought on “Week 2 Roundup

    anna said:
    June 26, 2012 at 10:36 am

    Had a great time, joining the tel burna excavation; meeting and working with all of you beautiful people. thank you all for
    the new experiences. Hope to join again next time!

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