Week 2 – Day 3

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Today was a good day for pottery at the tell.  in all 3 areas, vessels were popping out at us.  In Area B, what we thought were tabuns turned out to be in fact large pithoi (very large storage vessels) with a bunch of bones inside:

In Debi’s Area, we are on 9th Century BCE levels, and revealed a very nice Ashdod-Ware (also known as Late Philistine Decorted Ware ) jug.  these jugs are decorated with white and black stripes on a red slip and burnish, and usually associated with the later stages of the Philistine settlement, although they do appear in small quantities outside Philistia.

And in Amit’s area, a very nice decanter and juglet were found – lots of stuff for one day!

Ido taking pride in the juglet
Removal of the decanter

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