Roundup of Days 3-5, and the Week 1 in general!

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Week 1 went great.  The group on the tell worked very hard, and are a great bunch and the tell paid them back with some nice finds!

In Debi’s Area, the fortifications are becoming clearer and clearer, and in Amit’s Area the 8th Century is getting larger and larger, as the 7th Century becomes a thing of the past.  In Area B, more nice finds keep coming out from the LB!

Also, it was great to have several groups of school kids from the surrounding kibbutzim and moshavim come and join us for a few hours each day. It is our hope that participation such as this will spark a renewal of interest in archaeology and the past in the next generation.

Here are some pics, courtesy of Ido and Ian!

Casey holding up the goblet
Bes Sticking out his tummy
Pottery reading
Pottery washing
Our Youngest Pottery Washer Sam
Our Scarab trying to crawl away!

Have a great weekend!


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