Day 4 – Spring Season – Tabunville

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Although we did not continue our torrid pace of a figurine per day – Day 4 of Tel Burna’s spring excavations was nevertheless quite eventful. We were very happy to have long-time director of the Tell es-Safi/Gath project, Prof. Aren Maeir, visit the site along with Nona – a familiar site to many Safi almuni.

Prof. Aren Maeir and Nona Getting an Explanation from Itzick

Dudi at Some of the Nearby Agricultural Installations

We continued to expose broad areas of the 8th-6th centuries BCE levels on the summit of the tell – it now seems that we have our largest grain silo yet. This one, like the others, seems to date to around the time of King Josiah (7th cent. BCE) and may show the continuation of government administration at the site even after its destruction in the 8th cent. BCE (e.g. 2 Kings 23:31).

Excavating the Upper Portion of the Interior Casemate Wall in Debi's Area

8th Cent. BCE Vessels
Large Grain Silo from the 7th Cent. BCE

On the lower platform (Area B) – we exposed what seems to be 4 tabuns (i.e. ovens) that are directly parallel to the one we found last season – bringing our total to 5 tabuns all within a 5×5 m area. Additionally, in the center of these tabuns – we found numerous restorable vessels including a very nice LB chalice. Incredibly, these finds are directly beneath topsoil (ca. 20 cm) and only a half meter or so above bedrock!

Area B Looking to the West

Excavating Directly above the Tabuns and LB Chalice
LB Chalice w/Base of Open Vessel
Garrett and Benj Removing the Chalice

Tomorrow is our last day of excavation – and your last chance to come experience the Tel Burna excavations in the green of spring 🙂

So if you are in the area – come join the fun! — Chris


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