Itzick and the Joint (more)

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Itzick has asked me to add a few words about the event.
The title of the workshop: “A Get-Together to Introduce the Project “Family Volunteering” run by the Joint (see below).
Taking place on what is traditionally known here as “Family Day” the discussion focused on different organizations that provide venues for families to volunteer together. The concept is that families that volunteer together benefit from the activity just as much as the organization, thus the project introduced was an opportunity for the different organizations to present their programs.
Itzick, accompanied by Amit and myself, described the experiences we’ve had at Tel Burna with the families that have come to dig with us over the past two years. He emphasized that one of the main objectives of our excavation is to involve the community and to, basically, “turn people on” to archaeology.
Afterwards, we were divided into groups to discuss the different ways the venues can be in implemented by different organizations, for example schools or community centers can organize a family activity which can be picking fruits and vegetables for the needy, or a trip to Tel Burna to excavate the past.

There seemed be a lot of interest in our project and phone numbers were exchanged – we hope to see more new comers at the tell come next season!



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