Visit to Beit NIr

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On Monday, we made a visit to Biet Nir, in order to pick out some pottery for drawing. We managed to organize the shed quite a bit, pick out representative pottery from all of the main periods that we have been excavating (Late Bronze Age, Irona Age II-III, Persian). in addition to all of that, Dudi (the local cowboy with a very strong interest in archaeology) took us to see a very interesting winepress not far from Burna. the press – probably Byzantine – had mosaic floors covering even the pit at the bottom – a quite unusual use of mosaic! the press was not uncovered in excavation, meaning much data was probably lost in its exposure and it risks damage from bypassers/winter rains, which may lead to it being covered back up.
Regardless, it was a nice productive morning, with a nice twist for the finish.


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