Conservation at Tel Burna

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This morning, we had a meeting with the IAA conservation department and Yeshayahu our conservationist, concerning the excavations at Tel Burna, conservation of the exposed finds and the need for short-term and long-term conservation at the site.

All in all, the meeting went very well, and the IAA was happy with the work we have done so far, regarding the short-term conservation.  The long-term conservation is much more complicated, as the exposure of archaeological features over time leads to their damage and eventual destruction if not up-kept!  In fact some sites in the area which were not back-filled (the process of covering up the archaeological finds after they have been exposed) are slowly decaying.

As part of our belief is to expose these features for the public and connect between archaeology and community, we presented the IAA with our desire to preserve certain features, which could remain open tot he public and give people the feeling of what it was to live in Judah in the Iron Age!

The main problem is cost – a problem which most digs encounter.  Once again, a reminder that a little money can go a long way.  We appreciate any donations.  in fact, donations made to the “Rebuild the Walls” fund goes directly towards this cost – click on the link and contribute to the preservation of archaeological sites in Israel!


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