Closing out Week Two

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Tomorrow, we close up week two of the dig and head into our last week of work.  in honor of this occasion, and to toast our three friends leaving us this week (Sandy, Andrea and Daniel – hope to see you all again next season!), we had a falafel dinner and just a general nice time shooting the breeze.  one of the nicest things about htis season has been the great dynamic amongst the volunteers and staff, and just the great environment surrounding all events.

As far as work on the tell in the past few days, well it seems like its been a loom weight party, with clusters of these little clay balls, used as weights when preparing a garment on the loom, appearing along the slope and in the center of the summit. In Area B, Matt and his team continue to decipher the LB levels there.  after removing a wall today, they recovered the pieces of a very nice LB bowl – way to go!

Here are some pics (thanks to Ido Jeremy and Itzick)

Nick with some weights by his feet
Not a loom weight - just love the picture
Nice view of LB wall and Tabun in Area B



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