Week 2 – Monday and Tuesday

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So again, I find myself forced off the tell, after a small accident yesterday.  But I did manage to get in two really good days, which I’d like to tell you about.  To start with, we had a few new volunteers join us this week, including Christina and Sandy (couldn’t stay away after the spring season) who are working with Amit and Michael, Evan who is working with Matt in the LB in Area B, and Daniel, working with Debi along the slope.  Tamar also joined us there for a couple of days – and we thank her for her help and hope she had a good time.

I’ll start with Debi’s area.  first of all, we now have four-five courses – or about a meter’s worth of on the chambers of the casemate wall, where Sirius, Nick, Daniel and Tamar have been working on defining these walls better.  on the inside of the inner wall, it seems Ido is approaching the surface of the Iron IIB, which goes with the fortifications.  Andrea has now cleared 2 and a half silo’s which she is running flotation on for botanical remains.  so far, she has olive pits and grain from the first silo, so this is pretty exiting.  hopefully she’ll get more good results from the other silos.

Amit, Michael, Matt, Sandy, Christina and Jeremy have exposed a pavement of the 8th Century BCE in the southern half of the square they are working in.  in the northern half, it seems there was a beaten earth floor, with a row of 8 loomweights lying on it!  in the square to the west, we have been removing stones in order to understand the architecture a bit better, and keep coming away with Iron Age II pottery, including 2 very nice restorable bowls.

Down in Area B, Matt, Zach, Ian and Evan have now been able to define two LB surfaces, both of which were cut by a later pit.  they have now moved one square to the south, where they continue to define the walls that we began uncovering in the spring season.

Hopefully this week will continue to go well.  I’d like to remind you all that the success of this season and the dig on whole is not only dependent on the staff and volunteers’ hard work in the field, but on the financial support of anyone.  Remember – every contribution – however large or small – is welcome and appreciated.  To contribute – click on the link here.

"Andrea and the Silos"
Debi giving instructions to her team
Stone weight and Jar Handle
Sirius guarding the walls
And Sandy all happy to be back
Jeremy showing us how rock breaking is done
Ido showing us how rock breaking is done

One thought on “Week 2 – Monday and Tuesday

    Simone Riehl said:
    June 22, 2011 at 11:11 am

    This is great, it is like almost being there!

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