Week 1 Roundup

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Yesterday, we wrapped up Week 1 on the tel.  This was a great week and we thank all of the volunteers and staff who helped out.  To Sarah (headed back to modern Jewish History), Tim (off to work on a new site – good luck!) and Tim (Matt’s friend, headed back to Cypriot antiquities) – thanks for all your help, and we hope to see you back with us again in the future!

Unfortunately, I spent most of the week off the tell, and hop ethat changes this week, but I’ll fill you in on what went on.

Along the eastern slope, we keep working to get closer to surfaces and define the city walls from the inside.  Andrea cleared one of the silos completely, and has begun floating the samples for botanical remains – lets hope for good preservation there!

In the center of the summit, we continue to work through considerable amounts of collapse – including plenty of Iron Age Pottery – to get down to the eighth century BCE levels like in the neighboring squares.

In Area B, they have very nicely defined the LB wall, surface, and completed the cleaning of the tabun.  they also now have a clear definition of the pit which cuts this layer.  it seems that our famous noses come from the pit and it will be intersting to excavate the pit and see what comes out of there!

Hopefully next week will continue the good work done this week! Here are some pics (thank to Itzick, Jeremy and Tim).

Sarah sweeping the balks
Opening talk


The Late Bronze Age Tabun from the inside
Ian and Matt having a good time in Area B
Matt straightening balks



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