Lecture right before the season

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Right before we get underway in the field (only a week away), this Thursday at Bar Ilan University, Itzick will be presenting a paper (co-authored by Matt Suriano and Joe) on the identification of the Biblical City of Libnah, including specific references to our findings.  I won’t give away all of the story, but lets just say that the finds we’ve had thus far (and maybe those that will be unearthed int he next few weeks), have a direct affect on the identification of Libnah!

All the more important to us is that the lecture will be given in a conference in honor of Hanan Eshel, who was our teacher, and who helped mold our academic careers. beyond that he was a big supporter of our work at Tel Burna, and all in all a wonderful human being. Yehi Zichro Baruch!

Here is the program:

31 Annual Conference – Land of Israel Studies and Archaeology-in Memory of Hanan Eshel – BIU – Program-June 9th 2011


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