Two Weeks Till the Season

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I can’t believe that we are only two weeks away! this is exciting. we are all getting ready for work in the field. We will about 20 people on site regularly, including staff and volunteers from the USA, Germany, Israel, and possibly other places I am forgetting.  We also welcome stray volunteers, so we can expect that most of the time we will have some more people around.
While most of us will be occupied with excavating in all three areas, some special projects will be happening which I thought may interest you:

  • Andrea Orendi will be working with us for the first two weeks on the collection of Archaeobotanical finds. Without getting too much into details (and she will provide more in a lecture she will give us), this involves collecting soil samples which are then placed in water, causing the botanical finds to float, while the dirt sinks (a process termed flotation).
  • Michael Press will be conducting a GPS and photogrammetric survey of the site and its surroundings, which involves walking around the site (with some fancy equipment) and mapping features and topography.
  • We will be involved in the preservation of the city walls, which Yeshayahu Ben Yaakov (our conservationist) will be guiding us on how this is done.  This is directly related to our “Rebuild the Walls” project – and I remind you all that there is no better time to donate than now, when we are in the midst of  working in the field!
Other aims of the excavation revolve around what we already started in the spring, and will continue now.  mainly, in Area B, we will be working to figure out the nature of the Late Bronze contexts we are excavating, and hopefully find some more of those masks! In the center of the tell, we will be focusing on understanding the Iron Age IIB complexes that we have reached in two squares, trying to uncover them in the two adjacent squares.  Along the eastern section, we will focus on the excavation of the silos, as well as the inner portion of the city walls and the casemate which we have now defined.
Allin all, should be lots of fun – can’t wait!

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