Rough Daily/Weekly Schedule

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Some of you may very well know what a dig week consists of, while for others this may be the first time you’ll be coming to dig, so below is roughly (and remember digs are dynamic – so this is no way set in stone) what a work day looks like at Tel Burna.

Remember that this goes for Monday through Thursday.  See Sundays and Fridays below.

  • Leave the Kibbutz at 5:45 AM (thats right – bright and early!).  Everyone can figure out if they want coffee before they leave, or if they prefer an extra five minutes of sleep |(and those of you who know me know that I’d choose the coffee).
  • Start work at 6:15 AM.  we work in our squares (and you will each be assigned to a square) until 9:15 AM.
  • Then we will take a short breakfast break of 30 minutes.  Breakfast is served in the field.
  • 9:45 continue to work, until 12:45, when we head back to the Kibbutz.
  • Lunch at the Kibbutz
  • Pottery Washing and Reading
  • Some free time
  • Dinner at the Kibbutz
  • A couple of times a week (the schedule will be given to you when you arrive), there will be lectures on various topics given by different members of the staff.
  • Go to sleep – you need to be up early tomorrow morning 🙂

Friday we usually head down from the tel, and then you are free for the weekend.  On Sundays, we will not go up to the tell, but spend the day around the camp, doing different activities like pottery washing, reading, and organization of finds. On Monday mornings, before we start work, there will be a tour of the site for newcomers.  Fridays, work will end early, and we will go around and see what has developed over the past week of excavation.

As you will see, this may change slightly, bu tit does give a certain framework to what you will be doing at Tel Burna this June.


One thought on “Rough Daily/Weekly Schedule

    Jeremy Szanton said:
    May 17, 2011 at 10:38 pm

    I have visited Tel Burna in the past. I have the summer off and would like to join you. I have experience as an instructor of drawing and photography professionally and, as a hobby, have reconstructed ancient potsherds. Archaeology has been my interest for about 35 years. Any way I can be of use to you? Looking forward to hearing from you…. J. Sz., Rehovot

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