Rain Again

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Well, more rain has put the season on hold, and it looks like we’ll have to wait until June to finish off what we started.  In the next couple of days, we’ll post a short summary of what we found this season – which was quite a success despite being cut short.  in the meantime though, thought that a short description of some finds from today’s pottery reading, as well as some very nice pictures that Ido Ginaton has shared with us, would brighten up a rainy day.

So in reading, we cam across a few interesting finds.  the first is part of a plaque figurine from the Late Bronze Age (which I have an article that should appear soon discussing their importance).  These figurines, which depict a nude female figure laying on some sort of bed, are very common in Late Bronze Age contexts.  there is quite a debate amongst scholars whether these represent a godess and whether or not they are linked to cult.

The second find is a piece of Black-on-Red pottery.  As the name suggests, the pottery has a red surface, with black decoration, and is imported from Cyprus in the Iron Age II.  Finally, a handle with a seal on it from the Iron Age II was found.  This seal has been found at several 8th Century BCE Judean sites – including Tell Beit Mirsim, Tel Nagila, Tell es-Safi (after it changes hands) and Yattir, and is the subject of an articel by Itzick and Aren Maeir which is to appear shortly.  The seal is oval with a checkerboard pattern of lines.

And now some pictures – Thanks Ido – you do take wonderful pictures!

The green fields at the foot of Burna
Tel Maresha as seen from Burna
Benj pondering about life at Iron Age Burna
Looking up at the square above
Packing up for the day

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